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Classic inspired interior design project of a 142 m2 house in Vilnius, Lithuania. There are lots of reasons to love classic interior style. One of them being rarity in today's living spaces, especially when they are newly built. Certainly not a lot of people are let's say brave enough to go with such lavish look in the modern filled interior environment. We are open to any style or idea of our clients and we love to work with all styles out there which makes every project a different journey and keeps it fun. Ok, sorry for a little rant just now, but we want to highlight how important it is to feel happy in your own home. Now more about the interior itself :))


One of the main important aspects of a classic interior are fine materials, so here you will find the nobility of marble, natural warmth of wood as well as black, white and golden details that assures symbiotic relationship of different spaces throughout the whole house. 


Mostly white color palette keeps a calm mood without overwhelming your mind with details while French paneling and mirrors makes space naturally bigger. This combination creates a welcoming atmosphere that brings always needed tranquility. 


Lighting is always important, even more so in a bigger space like this one, yet there is no need to overdo it with fairytale chandeliers in every room just to make a point of a classic style direction, but more to keep with the overall atmosphere. Light here was planned to be warm as well as intimate to support a sense of hospitality and elegance.




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