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Earthy Modern Cottage Design by Vaizu Studio.jpg


Partial 72 m2 project of the entire 95 m2 cottage which included main living area, corridor, master bedroom and two bathrooms.

Main aspect behind this design was earthy and light tones that would be reflected within chosen materials as well as colours and create a calming effect when spending time at home after a long day. Combination of different types of wood, marble and stone throughout the apartment brings out feelings that are rooted in nature and give our minds a soothing experience while touching and being close to those materials.

While using earthy tones we wanted to maintain visual interest and make them pop more to attract a person's attention that is why we went with white walls. Without cluttering the space with unnecessary details your awareness stays on earthy tones.

Though the overall direction was modern we wanted to introduce more rounded shapes into the space to slightly counter straight and sharp outlines usually used in contemporary design. Idea behind it was to create the same mind soothing effect through smooth edges and shapes that can be seen in furniture, wall decoration, mirrors as well as in less obvious details like art pieces and corridor lamps.

Very interesting part of the project was one of the bathrooms which as it can be seen visually is much different. In this space we used darker and more bald colours to create a contrast with the rest of the cottage. Design is still modern and you can still find round shapes in this bathroom to keep it close to the whole concept but the different vibe makes it quirky and creates a small palette cleanser. That way this bathroom becomes a small charismatic feature in a mostly calm and soothing space.




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