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Midwestern Eclectic House Interior Design by Vaizu Studio.jpg


Project for a newly built holiday lake house in the beautiful countryside of Lithuania. Large 219 m2 house that needed to be turned into an oasis away from the city noise. Place where the whole family can relax and enjoy each other’s company in a land of thousand lakes. 


Task was to incorporate the family's already owned and loved furniture pieces, items collected from travels around the world together with the beloved interior design style of America’s midwest. So with some motives of eclectic interior design we managed to mix all the previously owned parts together with the main style choice of midwestern vibes and create this cosy and full of memories space for the whole family. 


Mixing these two styles also helps to introduce new furniture or a piece of art into the space much easier. Since they are based on not that strict of a rule book like some modern interior designs lets say, which sometimes can become a hassle for a person living there in order to fit and match everything. As already mentioned before this family travels a lot as well as collects different pieces of art throughout it which again perfectly fits with a mix of styles chosen for this project.


House is right next to a beautiful lake without any other property close by so space is also important inside the house. Since it is not a full-time living space there were no compromises that needed to be done for storage. As people living in four season countries can agree, it can really chew up your space even in a big house if you need to store all your clothes and other gear for a full year for the whole family. It was fun to think how in a best way represent all the wants and needs of the client instead of going around figuring out how to create as much storage space as possible.


Connection with nature not only represented by the location where the house is located but also by the materials that are prevalent across the entire house. Different uses of wood can be seen in every room. It is featured as a parquet floor, doors, ceiling fan or second floor railings. Also, wooden construction beams in the living room become an important detail on their own. Together with a stone wall, the house keeps natural surfaces at an important place for people to enjoy it and feel closer to nature.


Furthermore, in order to keep the family at the core of this house and create a special place where connection and communication is of the most importance, a decision not to include TV in the living room was taken. Extensive family which is living in different places all over the world will be visiting this lake house for a limited time at hand so it is even more important to spend as much time reconnecting and creating new memories together and let's be honest watching TV is not going to add to it. But don’t worry you can still find this precious piece of electronics in the study if really needed :))


Lastly, there are few splashes of colour to clear your palette and to keep with that eclectic side of the interior. It can be found mainly in two of the bathrooms, some blue, some green together with natural as well as nicely integrated and hidden lighting. Also, small colourful details can be spotted throughout the house. Explore all of the visuals below and see if you can feel the aura of a thousand lakes oasis.




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