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Neutral Modern Apartment Interior Design by Vaizu Studio 4.jpg


Project for a brand new apartment of 42 m2 in a freshly built development complex. 


Task was to create a clean cut, neutral space for a young city professional to unwind after a day in the office. Modern interior design with grey and white colour palette was chosen to act as a clean canvas and not to overwhelm one’s mind. Yet some contrast colour (pastel green) was added by introducing easily replaceable details like pillows, curtains, chairs and framed art pieces. If one day there is a want for a different contrast colour or even need to match the rest of the design and make it more monochromatic, it will be very easy to replace and introduce those details. That way people don’t need to overthink the whole design but simply replace those details and get that change if needed. 


Minimalist mindset can be felt throughout the apartment with invisible doors, clean kitchen cupboards with push-pull functionality to get rid of handles. Sharp and straight lines kept in the bathroom as well as the master bedroom. Neon sign over the bed was chosen just as an example for the visuals to show how some more out there details can be introduced into this room. Idea was scrapped for the final design but we decided to share it here to show how more “bald” details can add to the space if needed and not overtake the whole design. 


To add some warmth we finished the apartment with wood imitation tiles for the floors at two main rooms and wooden top for work/storage box. Tones of these wooden details are light to keep up with the whole neutral aspect of the space.




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